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Bespoke Replacement Hot Tub Covers

Hot-Tub-CoverWe start in the pattern department where an extensive library of line drawings and specifications ensures a perfect product fit. You’ll get timely turnaround because we constantly update the technical specifications for all sizes and styles of spas.

Our materials department ensures that each spa cover is constructed of high grade, inspected components. Our marine grade vinyl is tough and durable and treated with a special stabilizer to prevent colour loss from Ultraviolet rays. Flawless aluminium channel bars form the structure of the cover for superior strength. Inside, the high-density polystyrene foam core provides excellent insulation from heat loss. We stock hardworking, 5 mil tri-extruded plastic to seal the foam core, even the zipper is of the highest quality, able to handle a million ups and downs.

Putting it all together are some of the best sewing professionals and fabricators in the business. When it comes to quality construction, our fabrication department doesn’t miss a stitch.

Do be warned, the only way to achieve a correct spa fit and spa heat seal with a hot tub cover is to have it individually made to your measurements. This is why all Tub Covers spa covers are custom manufactured. Most models of hot tub vary in size and details each year, some even become bigger or change corners, but still retain the model name.

We give our customers the choice of cover thickness, options, plus a range of colours to suit your taste and manufacture a cover for the perfect fit. Beware of companies shipping container loads of thin generic covers in just two colours offering quick delivery as you may find that these covers are not a perfect fit and have poorer insulating qualities.

Made from top quality materials to provide years of trouble-free service. Structurally reinforced with aluminium channel bars to provide lightweight strength, making our covers durable and easy to handle. Superior high-density polystyrene foam provides excellent hot tub insulation that helps to keep the heat where it belongs, inside your hot tub / spa.

Small Medium Large
Up to 70" 70.01" to 85" 85.01" to 96"

Deluxe Plus Cover
4" to 2" Taper
includes Full 1 year Warranty & FREE Delivery - worth £35.00

315 315 315

Premium Plus Cover
5 " to 3" Taper
includes Full 1 year Warranty & FREE Delivery - worth £35.00

345 345 345

Supreme Plus Cover
6" to 4" Taper
includes Full 1 year Warranty & FREE Delivery - worth £35.00

370 370 370


Hot Tub & Spa Cover Gallery

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Available Options:

  • Continuous Heat Seal Option (£25.00) - Where the cover folds in half, you will have two pouches at either end. A Continuous Heat Seal runs the whole length of the cover hinge which helps improve the efficiency of your cover as this option will reduce heat loss through this area.
  • Double Wrapped Core Option (£20.00) - Each cover insert has a moisture barrier wrapped around to protect it. We offer to wrap the inserts twice for extra protection against water ingression. Even though we use strong plastic material, over time, water ingression may occur, so for a nominal charge, prolong the life of your cover with this option.
  • Removal of old cover (£39.99) - If you require your old cover to be removed please mention this to the representative on the phone and this can be factored into your price.
  • Extra Reinforcement (114.99) - We use metal bars that support the cover. 

Detailed Specifications:

  • Thermal Insulation Core
    • Expanded Polystyrene High Density
    • Density: 28kg/m3
    • K Value: 0.034kg/m3
    • R Value @ 100mm: 2.94m2k/w
  • Zips
    • 10mm black moulded zip
  • Clips
    • Male & Female fasteners with 2 x plastic locking keys
  • Straps
    • 25mm webbing which is covered in the outer skin material
    • 4 straps per cover
  • Handles
    • 25mm wide handles, covered & stitched in the outer skin material to form handles
    • This is positioned in the thickest part of the insert : ie : 4” -2” Taper This is fixed into the hinge position . To reinforce the spine of the cover.
  • Large end steam pads
  • Insulating Polystyrene Core
    • Our expanded polystyrene has top-rated insulation properties and the foam core’s tapered design keeps rainwater off the spa cover
  • Durable Reinforced Hinge
    • The aluminium channel reinforcement at the cover hinge adds strength and durability
  • 1 Year Warranty
    • Our warranty guarantees product performance for one year from date of purchase on both materials and workmanship.
  • Designer Colours
    • a wide variety of hot tub vinyl colours to suit your spas environment

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