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  • Bespoke replacement hot tub cover's for all spas, custom made using the highest quality vinyl for a supreme finish.
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  • Swim spa & fitness pool covers all with a 2 year warranty
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  • Order your tub cover or swim spa cover now, for free delivery within 3 weeks.
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Swim Spa & Fitness Pool Covers


Made to order Supreme Swim Spa Covers to suit any Swim Spa. Top quality manufactured covers. Custom made to your specifications in 4 Weeks. All Bespoke Covers are made with the finest top grade materials and superb industry leading craftsmanship. FREE Delivery with all Swim Spa Covers within Mainland England or Wales.

Pool and Spa Covers offer top quality replacement bespoke covers at fantastic prices. Ours Swim Spa Covers are from £725.00 including VAT and Delivery; however the quality will not be compromised compared to the influx of low priced, low quality Chinese imports.

Special Bespoke Swim Spa Covers from £725.00 including VAT and Delivery

Up to 14'6" (442cm)
includes Full 1 year Warranty & FREE Delivery


Up to 17'11" (526cm)
includes Full 1 year Warranty & FREE Delivery


Up to 20' (609cm)
includes Full 1 year Warranty & FREE Delivery




  • Continuous Heat Seal - fitted as standard to all of our swim spa covers
    • Where the covers folds in half, you will have two pouches at either end. A Continuous Heat Seal runs the whole length of the swim spa cover which helps improve the efficiency of your cover as this option will reduce heat loss through this area.
  • Our covers, depending on the size, will either come with a 6" - 4" or 6" - 3" taper for maximum insulation and taper to allow water fall off.

If your cover has rounded corners, look at the diagram to show how to measure the radius measurement. All covers come with a 1 Year warranty.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Thermal Insulation Core
    • Expanded Polystyrene High Density
    • Density: 28kg/m3
    • K Value: 0.034kg/m3
    • R Value @ 100mm: 2.94m2k/w
  • Zips
    • 10mm black moulded zip
  • Clips
    • Male & Female fasteners with 2 x plastic locking keys
  • Straps
    • 25mm webbing which is covered in the outer skin material
    • 4 straps per cover
  • Handles
    • 25mm wide handles, covered & stitched in the outer skin material to form handles
    • This is positioned in the thickest part of the insert : ie : 4” -2” Taper This is fixed into the hinge position . To reinforce the spine of the cover.

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