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  • Bespoke replacement hot tub cover's for all spas, custom made using the highest quality vinyl for a supreme finish.
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  • Swim spa & fitness pool covers all with a 2 year warranty
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  • Order your tub cover or swim spa cover now, for free delivery within 3 weeks.
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Bespoke Hot Tub & Swim Spa Covers

Quality custom made covers delivered free to your door in 14 workings days - the shortest lead time you'll find for a bespoke cover. Our UK based factory enables us to build and deliver your cover to the highest standards. We use the finest heavy duty vinyl in covering the spa lid to ensure long life and durability throughout both the summer and winter months. Our covers feature 4 spa straps and tub clips adding safety too by restricting access with the locking clips.

Furthermore, we offer a 1 Year warranty with all covers and we have been providing the UK with our quality covers for over 30 years - we really are the experts when it comes to covers. 

We give our customers the choice of cover thickness, options, plus a range of colours to suit your taste and manufacture a cover for the perfect fit. Beware of companies shipping container loads of thin generic covers in just two colours offering quick delivery as you may find that these covers are not a perfect fit and have poorer insulating qualities. 

*Please call or email for current lead times as this can vary in peak periods.


We've established ourselves as the UK's leader, our hot tub and swim spa lid volume enables us to offer a unique range.

  • Hot Tub Range: (all tapered spa tops for rain and snow run off.)
    • Deluxe Plus Spa Cover (4” to 2”)
    • Premium Plus Cover (5” to 3”)
    • Supreme Plus cover (6" to 4")
  • Swim Spa Range:
    • 6" to 4" or 6" to 3" tapers available.




Proudly manufactured in Britain

All our hot tub and swim spa covers are bespokely manufactured in Britain using UK source materials, ensuring our covers are to the highest quality and standard.

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